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Connecting To Wireless Print Server Software
Connecting To Wireless Print Server Software
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Pairing your dye-sub printer with wireless print server software allows the printer to be AirPrint compatible. Without wireless print server software, your iPad and dye-sub printer will not be able to communicate. 

How To Connect

  1. If your printer is new, install the print driver to your laptop.

  2. Download and install the wireless print server software you want to use.

  3. Open the program from your laptop.

  4. Confirm that your iPad and computer are on the same WiFi network. Once they are, the server software should find your printer. 

  5. Open your Simple Booth app and select the printer in the prints panel on your settings page. 

  6. If your printer is not in the list, try the troubleshooting steps linked below.

  7. Once you are connected to the printer, take a test shot!

  8. Set your computer up so that it does not go to sleep, which will cause the printer to disconnect.

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