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Step 2: Create a Preset & Gallery Pair
Step 2: Create a Preset & Gallery Pair

Create and save your event

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You can create your preset & gallery from the app as well as your online dashboard.

What are presets and galleries?

Pictures taken with your preset will be sent to the online gallery you pair it with.

Presets customize the booth-side settings, which includes the picture appearance, what kinds of edit tools are available, sharing options (including printing), and more.

Galleries customize the online page that participants are brought to after capturing their pictures and receiving their link.

1. Visit your preset settings

Online, find a preset tab in the top menu. In the HALO app, you'll see the list of presets when you first sign in or return to settings.

2. Create a preset

If you have an existing preset you want to customize, click or tap the title and skip ahead to the next article (you can find a link at the bottom of this page).

Use the blue "+" icon in the top right corner to get started. Then give your preset a unique title (participants won't see this and you can always change the title later) and select either a physical booth or a virtual booth.

Keep in mind that a virtual preset cannot be used on the iPad app, and a physical preset cannot be used in a browser.

Click or tap the Gallery button to continue after making your selection.

Physical Preset

Physical presets work with the HALO iPad app. These are settings for in-person events where everyone is physically present and you want all participants to use your iPad to take pictures.

Virtual Preset

Virtual Booth is available on the Plus, Pro, and Select plans.

Virtual presets work with Virtual Booth, which is browser-based. These are settings for either remote events or in-person events. Participants will access your booth and take their pictures via their own phone or computer.

If you have an in-person event, you can use both the HALO app and Virtual Booth to capture different types of pictures and collect them in the same gallery!

3. Set up your gallery's basic settings

Most people pair their preset with a brand new gallery. In certain circumstances, you may want to copy or re-use an existing gallery. We'll have you create a new gallery now, and you can learn more about the other options below.

Give your gallery a title (participants will see this!) and add a hashtag if you'd like. All the settings on this page can be adjusted again later, so we're going to cover them in Step 3, the next article.

Click "create" to save your gallery, and you'll be redirected to your preset settings page.

Next Step: Customize Your Preset

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