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Customize the Classic app photo layouts

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Customize your pictures with a logo, pre-made themes, filters, and more. These customization options can be found in your app's "Photo Design" settings panel.

If you choose to allow it, participants can edit some of these options after capturing their picture(s).

Layout Options

Pick between layouts ranging from traditional photo strips to motion based layouts like GIFs.

Layout Types

Still Layouts

Choose from a single-frame layout or a variety of other combinations.

Motion Layouts

Classic supports two motion-based picture layouts.

  • GIF: select between 2-6 frames and adjust how quickly the frames will play. The countdown seconds that you select in your start screen panel will reset before each new frame is taken.

  • Live GIF: uses 6 frames and always plays at the fastest setting (this cannot be adjusted). The countdown seconds will only appear before the very first frame--the result is that it looks a bit more like a short video than the standard GIF.

Choose Layout Feature

Enabling the choose layout feature will prompt participants to pick between three layouts after they “tap to start.”

These layouts include a Single 1x1, GIF, and Live GIF.

Disabling this choose layout feature will result in all participants using your default layout.

Layout Customizations

Choose default settings for other aspects of your pictures to make things your own!

Basic Customizations

  • Crop: enable a square or circle crop, or leave your photos in portrait or landscape mode.

  • Filters: choose from a wide range of filter effects to apply to the photos.

  • Margins & Corners: use slider tools to select margin thickness and how rounded the corners are.

  • Margin Colors: add a solid color to your layout's background using our color picker or your hex code.

Graphic Customizations

Custom Logo

Use your preferred graphics editing program or an existing logo to add completely custom graphics to your picture layout.

Logos can be placed above, to the side of, or below your layout. Additional space is created on your layout when a logo is added, meaning the logo will not cover any part of your picture.


We have a collection of free photo booth themes that are available in your app directly below the Photo Design panel.

Themes add a custom start screen and overlay to the picture layout, and most are related to popular holidays and events such as birthday parties and weddings.

Themes are compatible to pair with custom logos.

Edit Tools

After capturing their frame(s), the app directs participants to an editing page. This page supports changing things like the picture's crop or filter as well as incorporating digital props.

Props rely on face detection to automatically size and place digital props on the pictures. We have a library of free props to pick from within your app's settings.

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