There are a few options to save the pictures guests take at your events. You can gain access to both the "finished layouts" as well as the "individuals" through each option. 

Note: Camera Roll and Dropbox* saving must be enabled before your event in order to save properly. Saving to galleries and your Simple Booth account is always enabled. 


Our online galleries are where guests view and share their photos. Photos will automatically upload and you're able to choose between three privacy levels for the gallery page. For HALO plans and Virtual Booth, download all the individual images and finished layouts/GIFs from the galleries page

Simple Booth Classic (formerly Event Edition) customers cannot bulk download Gallery pictures efficiently from Galleries, so please access copies of your pictures from the Camera Roll.

Restrictions on downloading individuals

Individual photos are currently inaccessible through the gallery download when certain "special effects" are enabled. Special effects include green screen, props, and drawing.

If you're using one of of these special effects and would like to save individual frames, be sure to enable that within your Camera Roll or Dropbox* settings. 

Camera Roll

For in-person events with HALO or Classic, our images can save to your Photos library (that is, the Camera Roll) as long as you have accepted the "Photos" permission when saving for the first time in the app. Learn how to double check on this permission here

Your save options panel includes options to save "finished layouts" as well as  "individual images" to your Camera Roll.

Be sure to choose the Camera Roll methods you'd like to use before the event starts. 

Permanent Installs

We recommend disabling the Camera Roll saving for more permanent installs or longer activations, unless you have a specific need to save copies to the iPad. 

The storage can fill up more quickly than you might think, and low storage on the iPad can start to cause problems with the booth. 


In order to save to Dropbox, you'll first have to log into your Dropbox account in our app. Once you are logged in, you can save several formats to your Dropbox account:

  • Finished layouts/GIFs

  • Individual images

  • 4x6 formatted sheets for the purposes of re-printing

  • 5x7 formatted sheets for the purposes of re-printing

*Dropbox saving is only available on HALO and not currently supported for Virtual Booth.

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