When printing directly from the app during your event or activation, our apps send specific instructions to the printer about how to format our layouts onto the photo paper so that they turn out well.

Most of the digital copies that are saved do not include those formatting instructions, so you want to follow the instructions here if you may want to re-print copies at a later time.

Formatted sheets are not available on Simple Booth Classic.

Saving Formatted Sheets

HALO's Dropbox integration supports saving 4x6 or 5x7 formatted sheets, which preserves proper formatting and padding for each of those common print sizes.

After the event you will have a folder of images ready to print, just like they were meant to be!

Either the 4x6 or 4x7 formatted sheets save option must be enabled during your event in order to preserve this formatting information. Saving to these Dropbox folders after the event is over does not reintroduce the necessary formatting information.

Finding Formatted Sheets In Dropbox

  1. Open Dropbox from the device you are printing from.

  2. Find your "Apps" folder, then follow the folder path to the folder with your event's name.

  3. Click on either the 4x6 or 5x7 folder, where your formatted sheets will be waiting.

Some people find it easier to export the pictures from Dropbox to their device before printing, but this is personal preference!

What If I Didn't Save Formatted Sheets?

If you forgot to save formatted sheets prior to your event, you can still attempt to re-print, it just may take some extra effort!

Popular Options For Plan B

Which option you choose may be determined in part by which layout type you had used. Some layouts are easier to re-print without proper formatting than others.

  • Attempt to re-print the digital copies without editing. Sometimes all you'll need to do after printing is trim off some of the extra white space.

  • Reformat the digital copies so they are more printer friendly. Background knowledge of graphics editing can help here. If you don't have experience and still want to try, check out our graphics editing program recommendations.

  • Ask a local print shop to help you reformat them. A local photographer or photography store may be willing to help re-print if you are not able to reformat them yourself.

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