There are a couple of ways to print photos after you event.

Our apps will send specific instructions to the printer about how to format our layouts onto the photo paper when printing directly from the app. Most of the digital copies that are saved do not include those formatting instructions. 


An easy way to print photos is to open your Photos app on the iPad where they are saved and print via AirPrint from there. 

This doesn't have all the same formatting features that Simple Booth applies, however. Depending on the layout you used and your paper size, you might need to trim off some extra white space from the prints. 


HALO is integrated with Dropbox. Our Dropbox integration supports saving 4x6 or 5x7 "formatted sheets."

These "formatted sheets" will include the proper padding and formatting
After the event you will have a folder of images ready to print, just like they were meant to be!

Either the 4x6 or 4x7 formatted sheets save option must be enabled during your event in order to preserve this formatting information. Saving to these Dropbox folders after the event is over does not reintroduce the necessary formatting information. 

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