Virtual Booth users must have a WiFi connection in order to participate.

The remainder of this article will cover in-person events.

For in-person events, an Internet connection will be required to log into your app.

Once you are logged in, the app will include full functionality even without internet access. The log out button will not be available when you're disconnected from the internet to avoid an accidental sign-out, and the app will keep you logged in for at least 30 days from your last use. 

Offline upload queue

Our queue will store any emails, text messages, uploads, and data capture* in an offline situation and be uploaded again when internet is available, as long as you do not delete the app from your iPad or log out.

Because the queue can take up some extra storage, we recommend having having at least 5GB storage available on your iPad before any event. 

*Data capture is only included on HALO Standard & Pro plans. 

Limitations while disconnected

Simple Booth apps will work without any type of internet connection during the event itself, but there are some limitations to the app when you are not connected to a network: 

  • Pictures to be sent via email or text, and pictures being uploaded to the Gallery will be queued until you regain access to a reliable internet connection. 

  • Dropbox saves will be queued until you have internet access.

  • Wi-Fi (but not necessarily Internet) is required to print over AirPrint. 

Planning to print?

Printing requires a WiFi connection. The WiFi network does not need to be connected to the internet

Learn more here.

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