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Customizing Header Images For Virtual Booth
Customizing Header Images For Virtual Booth

Information on customizing your booth's header image

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We support a range of sizes for your Virtual Booth header in order to give you more flexibility with your design.

Recommended Sizes

  • Small: 180x1200px

  • Medium: 315x1200px

  • Large: 450x1200px

While 1200px is the maximum width for any header image, you can make it shorter if you prefer.

How Sizing Works

A header image is displayed as a percentage of the participant’s screen height based on your file’s original pixel height. The taller your image (up to 450px), the larger it will be on the page.

For example, at 180px or less in height, a header image will take up 10% of the screen. At 450px or more in height, a header image will take up 25% of the screen.

The displayed size is prorated for values between 180–450px. Because header images are responsive to screen size, the displayed pixel size can vary, but aims to be approximately 1/2 of the original asset size, or 2x resolution for sharper image display.


Header image size

Responsive size

Estimated height in pixels (varies)


10% of screen height

90px tall


17.5% of screen height

162px tall


25% of screen height

225px tall

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