Virtual photo booth software delivers a branded, mobile photo experience to your event guests wherever they are!

This article will guide you through designing your own virtual photo booth for your upcoming event. Learn more about the guest experience here.

Have more general questions about Virtual Booth? Check out our FAQ!

Create a web preset

Web presets allow you to capture photos for Virtual Booth. To create one, visit your presets​ tab, and press the + button in the top right corner.

Choose Virtual for your capture type, and continue on to create your gallery.

Gallery customizations

Gallery customization options are based on your HALO plan. Learn more about how to update your gallery settings here.

Customize your event

Participant Access Panel

This section includes a tool to start and stop your event. You will want to turn off uploading after an event ends to prevent any surprise photos and further use of your credits. Think of this as the virtual equivalent of tearing down the photo booth at the end of the night!

The Participant Access Panel also contains the link and QR code you will share to collect photos. Learn more about how to share your Virtual Booth capture page here.

Participant Data

Data collection is now available with Virtual Booth! Simply check the box within this panel to start collecting email addresses, phone numbers, and names from participants.

Data you collect will be available from your analytics page once the event is over.

Data capture is only available on the Standard plan or higher.

Age Gate

Age gate will restrict access to your virtual event based on the age of your participants when enabled.

Participants will be asked to enter their birthdate and will be prevented from using your booth if they do not meet your age requirements.

Age gate is only available on the Pro plan.

Branding Panel Basics

Make the booth your own with the Branding Panel. You can see a preview of your booth below this panel.

  • Your Header Image will appear at the very top of the booth, above the heading.

    Learn more about header images here.

    PNG with transparency (recommended) or JPEG, Small: 180x1200px. Medium: 315x1200px. Large: 450x1200px.

  • The Text Color changes the color of your booth's font and buttons.​ Choose from the color wheel or enter your hex code.

    White or dark gray are typically both great options!

  • The Heading and Subheading are displayed when guests first load the booth.

    Use the heading to introduce your event and the subheading as a call to action, a prompt for the type of photos people should submit, your event hashtag, etc. These can also be left blank!

Hiding "Powered by Simple Booth"

Pro tier accounts will have an option to disable the discrete "Powered by Simple Booth" text that appears at the bottom of your booth's splash page.

Branding Panel Backgrounds

Background Image

Background Images will display on your booth's homepage. You can choose to upload a full-screen background, or a repeating background for a tiled effect.

Opaque backgrounds can be problematic, depending on your design and color theme. Our opacity slider allows you to introduce some transparency if you need.

Learn more about sizing and best practices for background images here.

Background Color

This tool customizes the page's color theme. Choose from solid or gradient options, and select up to two colors from the color wheel or enter your hex code.

Photo Design Options

The remainder of the settings allow you to adjust the editing options that are available for guests to use after they take their photo.


Upload multiple overlays, which participants can place on top of their images.

PNG with transparency must be used, 1280x1280px recommended.

Background Replacement

Background Replacement magically removes the background from your participants' images (no green screen required!). You can add multiple backgrounds.

JPEG or PNG, 1280x1280px recommended.


Guests can add custom stickers to their pictures when this feature is enabled. The stickers can be manually placed and re-sized.

PNG with transparency must be used, 800x800px recommended. With rectangular stickers, the longer side should not exceed 800px.

Deploy your Virtual Booth

Once the Virtual Booth settings are customized to your needs, you're ready to get started!

  1. Confirm you have enough credits for your event.

  2. Be sure your gallery link and/or QR code is ready to be posted if it has not already been distributed.

  3. Revisit your Participant Access Panel and click the button to start accepting uploads.

  4. Don't forget to close the event when you're finished from the same Participant Access Panel.

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