Your HALO app subscription will auto-renew every month until you cancel.

App Store Subscriptions 

If you signed up for your plan through the App Store, follow these instructions to cancel your subscription. 

Subscriptions through Simple Booth's Website

In order to cancel, log into your dashboard and scroll to the section in the footer that says "Billing," and you will see a link to Manage Billing

Use the "cancel subscription" button below the calculator area:

You'll be asked to confirm the cancelation and will receive a confirmation email. 

Only need your license for one month? 

You can cancel anytime (even immediately after you sign up!) and your plan will remain active for the full 30 days. 

Will I lose any data? 

Information saved to your account will not be accessible while your license is inactive. Guests will still be able to access their photos from your events, but you will not have access to your settings, gallery customizations, or analytics while you do not have any active licenses. 

We recommend downloading and saving any account information you'll want to have access to prior to canceling. When you're ready to subscribe again, you will regain access to all of your old data. 


  • Simply unlinking your license from a device does not pause or cancel your subscription.
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