HALO Standard and Pro plans offer a variety of analytics to understand the nature and performance of the photo booth at your events. These metrics can be filtered by date, device and event. Simple Booth's analytics include: 


See an overview of the total number of participants, uploads, and gallery views. Simple Booth uses face detection data to glean average demographics from your event attendees. 

Social Engagements

Understand how your pictures were shared through our social analytics. 

  • Facebook engagements include information about how the photo was shared and reacted to within the Facebook platform. 
  • Click engagements reflect the number of times your gallery was accessed via a link shared to Facebook or Twitter. 

Data Capture

If you are collecting guest information during your event with our data capture feature, a CSV with guest information will be available after your event in the data capture section of your analytics. 

Other Analytics

Simple Booth offers various other types of analytics, such as the location of your booths and top uploads in each gallery. 

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