Sharing Pictures With Clients
Participants automatically receive their photos, but you want to take some extra steps to make sure your client has what they need.
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Guests will automatically receive links to their pictures during the event, but your client (or friends/family) may also want additional access to the gallery and files.

Share a Link

You'll need to know about how gallery privacy works before proceeding!

Public Galleries

Your client (and all participants) will automatically have access to the main gallery page with public galleries.

Unlisted Galleries

Your client (and participants) will only be able to view their own picture(s) after using the booth.

Share a link to the main page with your client by visiting your gallery settings, opening the gallery in question, and copying the link from the URL bar.

Private Galleries

Private galleries can only be viewed by the Simple Booth account owner when signed into your Simple Booth account. If you need to share a link to the entire gallery, consider switching the privacy level to "unlisted."

Share Saved Files

Galleries are fun for sharing photos from events over social networks, but often times clients also want copies of the photos to save to their hard drive. 

Some saving methods must be enabled prior to your event.

Promote Your Gallery

Public galleries will include a ready-to-go embed link, which you will find in the top-right corner of the page. This HTML code can be pasted to your website!

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