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Information and best practices on displaying or projecting your Live Feed slideshow

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Live Feed allows you to display the pictures taken with your booth in a slideshow on the big screen. It is a great way to increase engagement with the booth.

After customizing your Feed's appearance, you'll need to know how to project it during your event.

Customizing Live Feed

Learn more about the Live Feed customization options, including formatting, elsewhere in our Help Center!

Accessing Live Feed

You can access a Live Feed link from your gallery settings as well as from the gallery page itself when you are signed in.

Sharing Live Feed

The Live Feed panel in your gallery settings includes a direct link to the event’s Live Feed. Simply click the copy button to copy your feed's unique URL, and send it to your colleague or client for use during the event.

This link will preserve your advertisements if applicable but will not maintain custom feed layouts, transitions, and other settings.

Sharing Live Feed With Settings

If you need to maintain specific Live Feed settings outside of your advertisements, follow these steps:

  1. Start by playing the feed for the gallery.

  2. Use the settings icon in the top right corner to adjust the Live Feed settings as necessary. You will notice the URL is updated with each change.

  3. Once you are happy with the settings, copy the entire URL (it may be long depending on your customizations!) and share as needed.

Projecting Live Feed

The Live Feed can be run from any browser that supports JavaScript, so there is a lot of flexibility to display your pictures.

We recommend running Live Feed from a laptop and using a casting service like Airplay or Chromecast whenever possible.

We do not recommend projecting the feed from a mobile device, as they often won't support the full screen mode.

Smart TVs

Your Live Feed can also be run directly from a smart TV with some limitations.

Learn more, and find tips and TV recommendations here.

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