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Making Changes To Your Subscription
Making Changes To Your Subscription

Information on changing plan tier, license quantity, and billing term

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Changes to your plan can be made from your account's subscription page.

License Basics

A single license will allow you to run one iPad at a time.

Add more licenses to run multiple booths simultaneously, upgrade or downgrade your software tier to access a different feature set, or switch your payment interval between monthly or annual payments.

In App Purchases

Simple Booth supports billing through our website as well as via in app purchases. How to modify and/or cancel your subscription will depend on where you are subscribed. If you visit your account's subscription page and are subscribed via in app purchase, you will see a note about it.

Subscription Tiers & Terms

We have five software plans to choose from and support both monthly and annual billing (annual plans include two free months!).

All licenses on your account must be of the same tier (Lite, Core, Plus, etc.) and same term (monthly vs. annual).

Adding & Removing Licenses

Add-On Licenses

Add-on licenses are available on the Core tier plan and higher.

Your monthly plan renewal date will update to 30 days from the time you make this addition. Any unused time on your existing license(s) will be applied towards your new balance.

For example, if you purchase a license on the first of the month, and then add a second license on the 15th, your plan's renewal date changes to the 15th of each month.

A credit for the remaining time on your existing license(s) is automatically applied to your new charge. You will be charged the full plan price on the next billing date.

Removing A License

Changes will take effect on the next billing cycle. 

Upgrading Or Downgrading Your Plan


The upgrade will take effect immediately and you’ll be charged for a full month on your new plan at the time you upgrade.

Your expiration date will be moved to 30 days from the time you make the upgrade. 


If you need to downgrade your plan, you will forfeit the current plan's features and be charged the new plan’s rate at the start of the next billing cycle. 

Switching Payment Interval

Monthly To Annual

A credit for the remaining time on your existing license(s) is automatically applied to the cost of your new annual subscription. 

For example, if you’ve been subscribed to Plus monthly and are halfway through the month, a roughly $50 credit will be applied toward your new annual plan. The plan's renewal date will update to one year from the time you add the annual license.

Annual To Monthly

It is best to wait until you’re close to the end of your annual term to downgrade to monthly billing.

When you switch, you’ll be charged the new monthly rate on the first day of the new billing cycle.

If you need a new license for just one month, create a separate account in order to purchase a shorter term license.

App Store Subscriptions

Apple's billing won't support purchasing an add-on license or annual plan, but does support upgrading or downgrading your software tier from your Apple subscription settings.

If you initially signed up in the App Store and want to purchase an add-on, visit your subscription page and convert your billing over to our website. Once you convert, you'll be able to make modifications to the quantity, tier, and/or term.


Ready to cancel? It's easy to do from your account's subscription page or from your Apple subscription settings, depending on how you made your payment.

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