Things happen fast in the event world. Events can pop up on short notice and seasonality is undeniable. Maybe you just had a client request a Pro tier feature or you landed a big event and need a second license to handle it - nice work! Our billing tools makes it easy to adjust your subscription regardless of where you are in your billing cycle. 

In short, when you upgrade your plan, quantity or switch to a longer payment period like annual billing, your changes will be prorated for the period you are on. If you downgrade, you do not receive any proration credit for the changes and the changes take effect immediately. It is in your best interest to downgrade near the end of your billing period.

Keep in mind that any one account can only have one "subscription." The subscription can include multiple licenses, however they must be of the same "type" (the software tier/plan) and "term" (either monthly or annual). 

Adding or removing licenses

Note: If you expect to add and remove licenses more than four times a year, we recommend sticking to a monthly plan for maximum flexibility. If you only plan to add licenses over time as you grow your business, the 33% discount (4 months free) with the annual plan is a better option.

Adding a license

You can add additional licenses to your account at any time and will be only be charged a prorated price for the remainder of your period at the time that you upgrade. 

For example, if you are on a monthly plan and add a second license halfway through the month, you will only be charged half price for the new license when you add it. You will be charged the full plan price on the next billing date.

Removing a license

If you’d like to remove a license from your account, changes will take effect on the next billing cycle. 

Volume Discounts: volume discounts will apply to all of your licenses, and you can see the percentage discount update in real time as adjustments are made on the billing page. 

Upgrading or downgrading your plan

Upgrading your plan

The upgrade to your licenses will take effect immediately and you’ll be charged a prorated rate based on the type of upgrade (i.e., Lite to Standard, or Lite to Pro) and where you are in your billing cycle. 


If you need to downgrade your plan, you will forfeit the current plan's features and be charged the new plan’s rate at the start of the next billing cycle. 

Switching payment interval (monthly or annual)

Monthly to Annual

When switching from a monthly subscription to a yearly one, a prorated credit (based on the amount of time you have left on your current plan) will be applied to the cost of your new annual subscription. 

For example, if you’ve been subscribed to a plan for $200 monthly and are halfway through the month, a $100 credit will be applied toward your new annual plan. 

Annual to Monthly

If you’d like to switch from an annual plan to a monthly subscription, it is best to wait until you’re close to the end of your annual term. When you switch, you’ll be charged the new monthly rate on the first day of the new billing cycle. If you need a new license for just one month, you should create a separate account as a workaround, since accounts can only be on one plan at a time.

Check out your current plan and billing date from your licenses page. In order to unsubscribe, please visit the subscription page. 

App Store Subscriptions

If you signed up for your license directly in the App Store, follow these instructions to cancel your plan. 

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