The Live Feed feature on your Gallery pages allows you to display the pictures taken at your event on the big screen for guests to enjoy and is a great way to increase engagement with the booth!

The Live Feed feature automatically resizes and arranges images based on the size of your screen or display. Regardless of whether the screen is in a vertical or horizontal position, widescreen or otherwise—Live Feed gets rid of all the guess work. When you're ready to get started, enter the fullscreen mode to hide your URL bar for the slideshow.

When you're logged into your account and open one of your Galleries, you'll see a button at the top of the page to start the Live Feed. It's really as simple as a click of a button! The Live Feed can be run from any browser on any device, so there is a lot of flexibility to display your pictures.

The Live Feed feature comes with different options depending on which HALO tier you subscribe to. 


HALO Lite includes basic Live Feed, which will cycle through your photos and periodically display a fullscreen Simple Booth slide. 

After launching Live Feed from your Gallery page, use the settings button in the top right corner to make adjustments. 

  • Photo options: display all photos from your event, or only the 25 most recent uploads.
  • Animation options: choose how you want pictures to appear when they cycle through on your Live Feed.

HALO Standard

Live Feed with HALO Standard will cycle through your photos and does not include a Simple Booth branded slide.

HALO Standard subscribers can make the same adjustments to the Live Feed settings that are available on Lite. 

HALO Standard subscribers can upload one Live Feed ad to play during the Feed. 

HALO Premium

Premium HALO subscribers are able to make the same adjustments to the Live Feed settings that are available on Lite and Standard. 

In addition, a Premium subscription will allow you to make the following customizations: 

  • Feature new images: when a new photo is taken at the booth and appears for the first time in the Live Feed, it can be displayed full screen. 
  • Show an ad: upload unlimited custom ads to your Feed. The duration of the advertisements and how frequently they appear can also be customized.
  • Live Feed link: share a ready-to-go link with all of your settings saved with the event host or booth attendant. This link will allow them to start your Live Feed without the ability to change settings and without having to log into your account. 
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