Post to social media

Every Simple Booth Gallery includes options to post the full Gallery page to Facebook and Twitter. Share your event with your network by clicking the share icons on the top right corner of each of your Galleries. 

Share saved files

Galleries are fun for sharing photos from events over social networks, but often times clients also want copies of the photos to save to their hard drive. 

Event Edition

Event Edition saves copies of the photos and GIFs to the iPad's Camera Roll. The finished layouts will save by default. 

If your client requests copies of the individual pictures, be sure to enable "save individual images" option from your save options panel, as it is disabled by default. 


HALO will also save copies of the photos and GIFs to the iPad's Camera Roll by default and can also save the individual images if chosen. 

To help save storage space on your device, HALO customers can also download the finished layouts and individual images from the Galleries page online. This will send a compressed file to the email address on the account, which you can download and share. 

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