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Can I integrate an external camera like a DSLR?
Can I integrate an external camera like a DSLR?

Simple Booth cannot be integrated with external cameras

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External Cameras

Simple Booth only works with the iPad's camera, which is part of our mission to keep it simple! 

iPad Camera Quality

You can improve the quality of your photos by making sure you are using a newer iPad model, which generally have better cameras than older iPads.


Lighting contributes just as much (if not more) to the photo quality than the camera. We recommend using a light source under all circumstances!


Our HALO bundles include everything you need! Our stand and case are super portable, and we also offer a wall-mounted solution.

DIY Lighting

If HALO doesn't fit in your budget, we have a more affordable recommendation on our website.

It is not an out-of-the box solution, does not have as professional of an appearance, and isn't quite as sturdy as HALO - but is a great solution for those with a smaller budget!

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