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What types of devices do Simple Booth apps work on?
What types of devices do Simple Booth apps work on?

Simple Booth apps run on iOS, and Virtual Booth is supported on most browsers

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HALO & Classic Apps

iOS Requirements

Our apps work on devices running Apple's iOS. This includes iPads but not iPhones or computers.

The current versions of our apps require you to be updated to iOS version 16 or later.

Do you recommend an iPad?

WiFi vs. Cellular

We recommend an iPad Pro with Wi-Fi only.

We recommend the Wi-Fi only version because if you have multiple units or need to print, it becomes more practical and cost-effective to run an event over Wi-Fi or with a dedicated hot spot. Still, Simple Booth apps will work with cellular through the iPad if you need or prefer.

iPad Size

16GB is typically enough disk space for most use cases. If you believe you will be doing a higher volume or will not be able to clear saved photos from the device very often, it may be beneficial to buy an iPad that has more room.

Camera Quality

This page on Apple's site compares all the front facing cameras on their current models.

Of course using a higher quality camera can result in higher quality pictures, but keep in mind that lighting often plays a bigger role in quality than the camera does.

Virtual Booth

Virtual Booth, designed for all kinds of remote events and activities, is supported on a variety of browsers and devices.

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