Simple Booth apps only work on devices running Apple's iOS. This includes iPads and iPhones, but not Mac laptops or desktops. The current versions of our apps require you to be updated to iOS version 11 or later.

Simple Booth makes a version of our app for iPhone (called Simple Booth), and two that will work on iPad (Simple Booth Classic [formerly Event Edition] and HALO). 

We hope to develop an Android app in the future! If you'd like you can follow us on Facebook for app news and updates. 

Do you recommend an iPad?

We recommend an iPad Pro with Wi-Fi only. 

16GB is typically enough disk space for most use cases. If you believe you will be doing a higher volume or will not be able to clear saved photos from the device very often, it may be beneficial to buy an iPad that has more room.

We recommend the Wi-Fi only version because if you have multiple units or need to print, it becomes more practical and cost-effective to run an event over Wi-Fi or with a dedicated hot spot. Still, Simple Booth apps will work with cellular through the iPad as well if you need.

This page on Apple's site compares all the front facing cameras on their current models. 

HALO Event Kits

HALO will work with different sized iPads. Please reach out to us at for more information about our hardware!

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