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The Classic app supports uploading a completely custom logo to your pictures.

This guide includes information on supported file types and how to size your logo properly.

How To Design For The App

  1. Make decisions about the other aspects of your booth's settings including the iPad's orientation and the picture's appearance.

  2. Note the proper design specs (sizing information). Most graphics editing programs will prompt you to choose a canvas size before you can start designing.

  3. Create your graphic in your preferred graphics editing program. If you're not familiar with any, we have some really user-friendly suggestions below.

  4. Export the file from the graphics editing program, and be sure to preserve any transparency on your file if you'd like.

  5. Export the logo to your iPad. You can use email, AirDrop, or any other preferred method. If your file is transparent, you need to be careful it does not lose transparency when transferring it to the iPad.

  6. Import the file to your Photo Design panel, and then test your settings!

Graphics Editing Programs

We know this kind of thing sounds intimidating if you don't have experience! Luckily, there are lots of programs out there that make graphic design pretty easy-to-do.

A lot of them include premade assets like stickers and fonts that you can incorporate into your design so you don't even need to be artistic!

Design Specs

The in app sizing recommendation is dynamic and will update here in real-time, which is why step 1 above is important. You can also refer to the chart below.

What size to make your logos depends on a few factors. This includes:

  • Layout type

  • Crop type

  • iPad orientation

Maximum logo file size is 4MB. JPEG and PNG files are supported.


Maintaining Transparency

Your iPad supports a setting that can change your file during import, causing it to lose transparency.

This setting is enabled by default, so before transferring the file follow these steps:

  1. Visit your iPad's settings

  2. Scroll to find the Photos app settings

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Photos app settings

  4. In the section titled, "Transfer to Mac or PC," select "Keep Originals."

Alternatively, you can swipe to search (per step 2 here) for "transfer to Mac or PC" to find the setting.

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