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Classic App Booth Appearance Customizations
Classic App Booth Appearance Customizations

Customize what the Classic app's booth looks like beyond the pictures

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Customize aspects of your photo booth beyond the pictures themselves. These customizations can be made from your in-app preset settings.

App Appearance

These settings have an impact on the aesthetic of your booth.


Booth Color Scheme

Choose between light mode or dark mode. The app's transition pages will appear in this theme.

App Backgrounds


Enabling a theme will add a styled start screen to your booth.

App Interactions

Adjusting these settings will either add or remove something to the app's flow and/or the participant experience as they move through their session.

Touchless Mode

Our gesture-based mode supports using the app without needing to touch the screen. Certain settings are not supported in touchless mode, including edit tools and data capture.

Start Screen


Choose from the front or rear camera. We recommend using the front camera so participants can more easily navigate through their session.

Countdown Seconds

Countdown seconds are displayed on the screen so participants know when each frame will be snapped.

Delay Seconds

Delay seconds are not displayed on the screen and only count down before the first frame, which gives participants a little extra time to frame themselves in the way they want.

Get Ready Prompt

The get ready prompt will display the layout type on the screen before the delay seconds count down, and can help participants figure out how to pose.

Send Options

Pick and choose which sharing options will be displayed on the final stage of the app.

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