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Classic App Offline Upload Queue

The app will store uploads, messages, and other data when your iPad is offline or has a weak connection

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The offline upload queue is how we support offline use. If an upload cannot complete due to a weak or non-existent WiFi connection, it will remain in the queue and automatically try again later.

⚠️ Keep Your App Updated ⚠️

Keeping your app and iPadOS updated is extremely important in order for the queue to perform reliably. Check the App Store for updates regularly.

Do not log out or delete your app when items are queued. These actions will delete any queued items. Both actions have a built in warning to help you avoid an accident.

Finding Your Queue

Queue information is not available in your online dashboard and can only be accessed through the app itself.

From Your Settings

You'll find a tab for your queue at the bottom of the app's settings pages. If anything is still pending, you'll see a notification in this Queue Manager.

After Launching

It can be helpful to check on the queue during your event if participants aren't receiving their pictures in a timely manner, so we make it easy to pull up from your start screen via Mission Control.

Mission Control also allows you to return to your settings if you want to view the queue manager or change your settings.

  1. While your app is resting on the start screen, place two fingers side-by-side on the screen.

  2. Slowly “pinch out” by sliding your fingers in opposite directions.

When done properly, Mission Control will appear, which includes a preview of your offline queue. It can take a few tries to get the hang of the process!

If we have detected that you are on a slow network, a warning will appear.

Sending Stuck Uploads

You must be on a network with a reliable upload speed in order for stuck uploads to send. We recommend trying 2+ networks if you have trouble initially. The app must be open or running in the background for the queue to continue.

The queue will store your upload together with the contact method participants used, so as soon as each picture uploads it will also send out to the person who requested the link or QR scan.

Participant information collected through our data capture feature will also be stored in queue.

Queue Notifications

When queue notifications are enabled, we'll send you a series of push notifications after your event to remind you when items are still pending in your queue.

You'll be prompted to enable queue notifications after downloading the app from the App Store, or can enable it manually from your iPad's notifications settings.

Upload vs. Download Speeds

How quickly pictures are sent to participants and your gallery relies on your upload speed specifically -- we are sending data from your iPad to another location.

Checking Upload Speed

  1. Use the link above and wait for your download speed to calculate.

  2. Click or tap "show more info" and wait for the other information to load.

  3. Reference the upload speed that loads against our list below to see how reliable it is.

In certain circumstances, like if a firewall is present, pictures may get stuck despite a strong upload speed.

Network Reliability

There are a range of network speeds that can be used.

  • 1-2 mbps: poor, pictures may not send in real time

  • 3-4 mbps: average, pictures may send after a delay

  • 5+ mbps: good, pictures will send quickly

Tips For Slow Networks

  • Keep an eye on your queue throughout your event; you can assure any participants who ask that this is normal.

    Note: if your booth is offline, the send page will let participants know their picture won't send immediately.

  • If pictures start to get stuck, they may still slowly send out depending on your network.

  • Videos and layouts with more frames will always take longer to send out than single-frame images and layouts with fewer frames, there's just more data to upload.

  • If your network is slow and sending pictures out in real-time is your main priority, you might consider switching to a layout with fewer frames.

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