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Step 1: Exploring Your Settings
Step 1: Exploring Your Settings
Learn about your settings in order to get the most out of the software.
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Let's take some time to become familiar with your account.

HALO Customers

In App

You will need to sign into your app in order to launch your booth or test your settings. When you first sign in you will see a list of the events saved to your account.

You can adjust your settings in-app, but most people prefer to customize from the online settings.


You will land here when you sign in on the web. The dashboard shows an account overview and recently used galleries.

From here, you can navigate to your settings and analytics.


The preset page allows you to control the booth settings and picture customizations. This is where you'll choose between the HALO iPad app or our browser-based Virtual Booth.


The gallery page allows you to customize the online gallery where participants view their photos and share.


Analytics are available on Standard and Pro plans

View information about your app's performance and download any data collected from your analytics page.

Custom Props

Custom props are available on Standard and Pro plans

Create a more unique experience by adding a custom prop back as a photo editing tool for participants to use.

Account Settings

Use your avatar in the top right corner in order to access account settings, billing, and more.

Next Steps: customizations

Classic Customers

Classic settings can only be customized in-app.

After making your purchase and verifying your account, open your app to your main settings page.

Classic customers have access to a limited online dashboard where you can view personal pictures and your online galleries.

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