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Estimate how many credits you will need to run Virtual Booth

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Step 1: Do you need to worry about consuming credits?

Credits are only consumed when using our browser-based Virtual Booth. Credits will not be consumed if you are using the HALO iPad app.

Virtual Booth is a browser-based version of our software, where participants capture and upload their photo from their own cell phone or laptop.

HALO is our signature product, where participants capture and upload their photo from the same iPad that is set up in your event space, store, etc.

The HALO app supports unlimited uploads as long as your subscription is active.

Step 2: Make a decision about your settings

With Background Replacement

Magic background replacement will automatically replace the background behind participants without the need for a green screen.

You can also see how this works in our Virtual Booth demo!

This advanced feature consumes 3 credits per upload on average, which accounts for potential retakes. Learn more.

Without Background Replacement

If you want to have participants post with their "natural" background wherever they are located, you can disable magic background replacement.

Events without background replacement will consume a single credit per upload.

The other picture customizations (stickers & overlays) do not consume additional credits.

Step 3: Calculating Credits

Most participants upload 1-2 photos. The formulas below multiply the number of expected participants to account for those who choose to upload more than one picture.

Without Background Replacement

(Number of Participants x 1.25) x 1 = Minimum Credits Recommended

Ex: (100 participants x 1.25) x 1 = 125 credits recommended

With Background Replacement

(Number of Participants x 1.25) x 3 = Minimum Credits Recommended

Ex: (100 participants x 1.25) x 3 = 375 credits recommended

Step 4: Purchase credits

Free Plan Credits

100 credits are included for free on all plans that support Virtual Booth.

Virtual Booth is not available on the Lite and Core tier plans.

Block Credits

Add more credits to your account by purchasing a credit block.

Number Of Credits

Price Per Credit

















Step 5: Monitor Credit Use

If you run out of credits your active booths will automatically close. View credits remaining from your account's subscription section.

Low Credit Notifications

A low credit notification will be sent to the email address on the account when you have reached 50% credits remaining, 25% credits remaining, and when you run out.

Opening & Closing The Booth

Curb credit consumption by closing your booth from your preset settings when you are ready to stop adding pictures to your gallery.

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