Once the booth is launched into "Booth Mode," there is no in-app button to return to settings.

This is designed to work together with guided access to prevent people from accessing your settings as well as other sensitive information on your iPad.

Test Mode

Test Mode allows you to return to your settings quickly and easily in order to make changes while you're testing.

When launching, choose the "test" option in order to use test mode. You'll return to your settings with a button available on your "tap to start" screen.

Booth Mode

If you have launched into "Booth Mode" and need to make a change to your settings, follow these steps:

  1. Disable Guided Access if it is still enabled

  2. For iPads with a button, double-tap the home button on your iPad.

    For iPads without a button, use the on-screen gesture to get to the next step.

  3. Slide the app up and off the screen as demonstrated below.

  4. Find the app icon again on your iPad (or search for it) and open it up. You will be able to change settings before you launch the booth again.

Customizing HALO Online

When using the HALO app you can always make live changes to your settings from your online account. These will automatically sync to the app after a session or two, depending on the WiFi network the iPad is on.

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