There are various ways to adjust your camera's settings, which is often helpful (and sometimes necessary) in order to get great-looking results.

Accessing Booth Status

All settings described below will be accessed from your Booth Status page. Since the Booth Status is accessed after launching your booth, it is intentionally a bit difficult to pull up so that participants do not accidentally end up here.

  1. Launch your booth and leave the app on the "Tap To Start Booth" page. If your booth is already launched, complete the "session" to return to your start screen.

  2. Press with two fingers on your start screen, and hold until the Booth Status page populates. This should take a couple of seconds.

  3. This can be tricky until you get the hang of it! If a few seconds pass and nothing happens, lift your fingers and try again.

Adjusting Settings

Find these settings at the bottom of the Booth Status page. All settings will be adjusted with a slider tool, and certain settings can be "locked" with a button.

All adjustments should be made as you are setting up your booth (not at your home or office). You may need to adjust your lighting and/or even the placement of the iPad for optimal results (for example, overhead lighting can create difficulties).


Exposure is unlocked by default, which allows for slight fluctuations based on where participants stand in the frame.

If the the lighting at the venue will change in any way during the event (for example, if the event is going from day to night), we recommend checking on these settings throughout the event to make sure all the pictures are well lit.

We only recommend locking exposure in circumstances where the lighting will be very constant. Locking the exposure when the environmental lighting might change can result in poor quality pictures. Avoid using the lock tool whenever the booth is set up outside near a window.

White Balance

White balance is a little more complex than exposure and typically does not need to be adjusted.

White balance can make your photos look more naturally lit by adjusting the color "temperature" so that subjects don't look too yellow or blue.

You can read more about white balance and how it works here if you're interested!

You must enable the manual button before adjusting your white balance.

Digital Zoom

Using the camera zoom can be helpful in scenarios where the space you are setting up in does not offer a lot of flexibility for where your booth (and backdrop if applicable) can be placed. Fine-tune your framing so things look just right!

Zoom is particularly valuable for those with ultra-wide front cameras on their iPad (newer iPads support an ultra-wide camera).

Start Screen Transparency

Adjust the opacity of your "Tap To Start Booth" screen. You can go totally opaque, completely transparent, or somewhere in between based on your preference.

This does not affect the camera!

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