Touchless mode is only available on iOS 13 or higher.

We will support hand gestures in the near future, which will work more reliably in a wider range of environments. Hand gesture support will only be available on iOS 14.

The Coronavirus pandemic has us all doing our part to reduce the spread of germs, but we didn't want these fears to cause anybody to avoid your photo booth! 

Simple Booth has introduced a touch-free option so that guests can easily take pictures from your event and share them to social media without the worry. 

How it works

  1. Guests approach the booth and, instead of "tapping to start" they will be able to activate the booth with a voice command. 
  2. Guests can then preview their photo, and ask to retake or advance to the send page by saying either, "retake" or, "send." 
  3. Once the guest advances to the send page, a QR code will be available for them to scan with their smartphone. Upon scanning, they will be linked to their picture in your gallery! 

Settings requirements

In order to properly utilize a fully hands-free option, you will need to enable a certain set of features. These are currently the default settings for all new presets, so you shouldn't have to think about it. 

Just in case you make an accidental change or want to update an existing preset, here's how to do it: 

  • Enable QR code sharing in your Preset from the send options panel. 
  • Disable all other send options (this includes text, email, and printing).
  • Disable all edit tools (these cannot be navigated with voice commands at this time). 
  • Disable data capture (we plan to develop hands-free support for this feature).
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