Custom props are available on HALO Standard and Pro plans.

Simple Booth also offers pre-made prop packs that all customers can access through your in-app settings (online settings coming soon).

Creating custom props is easier than you might think! Once you have your props designed and saved to your device, you’ll be able to upload them to Simple Booth to create your custom prop pack. 

Find out how to size your props and what file types are supported in our design guide

Managing Prop Packs

From your custom props page, tap the blue “+” icon to create a new prop pack. After naming it, you’re ready to access the pack and start uploading your props.

The props page also includes tools to manage your packs. Using the dropdown menu in-line with each pack, you are able to set an icon for the pack, rename the pack, archive it to clean up your account, or delete it.

Uploading Props

New uploads will be added to a list of “pending” props, because you will need to size and place them before they are saved. 

Configure your prop by selecting it in the list, then clicking “next.” Name the prop, select a type (i.e, the location that it should appear on your guests’ faces, such as “eyes”), and edit the scale so that it is an appropriate size.

Props can easily be edited after they are saved by following this same process, or can be removed from your pack by clicking the “x” next to the prop you’d like to delete. 

Adding Prop Packs to Presets

We offer a few ready-to-go prop packs that can be selected in-app*. Open the preset you want to add your pack to, and find your Props Panel. Browse through the packs until you find your own, and select it to add to your preset.

*Simple Booth-made prop packs are not available online at this time and must be enabled in-app.

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