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My picture is missing or has been removed. What can I do?
My picture is missing or has been removed. What can I do?

What to do if you haven't received your picture

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My Photo Was Deleted

The host of your event may moderate their own gallery and remove inappropriate photos. Simple Booth employees may also on occasion remove photos found to violate our Terms of Service when they are brought to our attention.

We cannot recover deleted photos. If the gallery is public, you'll still be able to view the rest of the pictures from the event.

Link Not Received

There are a couple of reasons why you may not have received your link yet: internet connectivity (i.e., the host needs to reconnect to the internet), or you accidentally made a typo (it happens!).

Next Steps

1. Give it some time

The booth provider may need another day or so to reconnect their device to a reliable WiFi network.

2. Ask a friend

See if a friend or family member can share their own link.

If the gallery is public...

A link to your friend's photo will allow you to scroll through the rest of the gallery and hopefully find your picture.

If the gallery is private...

You will need to contact the event host -- see step 4.

Simple Booth provides photo booth equipment, including software, to businesses who in turn offer photo booth services. Simple Booth's team would not have been "on the ground" at your event and cannot intervene with private galleries.

3. Contact the host

The booth provider may have a public profile that you can use to find their contact information. The public profile link can be found in the top, left corner of the online gallery if one is available.

Not all hosts have a public profile. If you do not see one, you can try contacting the event organizers, a vendor or brand at the event that was running the photo booth, your organization's event planning committee, etc.

4. Contact Simple Booth

If all other avenues fail, please reach out to our team with as much of the following information as possible:

  • Venue or location name

  • Event name

  • Sponsor name (if applicable)

  • Hashtags from the event

  • The contact information you’d entered at the booth

My Link Brings Me To A Blank Page

Simple Booth galleries require JavaScript to work properly. If you can't get your picture to load or if the page looks blank, try copying the link and opening it in a different browser. If a different browser won't work then you may need to try a different device, like a computer.

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