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My picture is missing or has been removed. What can I do?
My picture is missing or has been removed. What can I do?
Attend an event and can't find your photo? Let's try to track it down.
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In some circumstances, you will not receive your picture right away or will see another kind of message when you open your link.

Find your situation below to see what you can do to remedy the situation!

I Never Received My Link

There are two main reasons the links are never received: internet connectivity issues and typos.

Internet Connectivity

If the WiFi connection was slow or nonexistent, the booth provider at the event will need to address that on their device. The software does store unsent uploads, texts, and emails until the provider reconnects their booth to a reliable network.


Typos happen to all of us! If you did make a typo and the picture you took was added to a public gallery you may still be able to locate it.

Next steps

  1. If you took the picture in the last couple of days, give it some more time. The booth provider may need another day or so to reconnect their device.

  2. If you still haven't received your picture after a few days, ask around to see if friends or family who used the photo booth received their link and ask them to share that with you.

    1. If the online gallery is public: a link to another person's photo will allow you to scroll through the rest of our gallery and hopefully find your picture.

      If you can't find your photo on the page, the booth provider may have a public profile that you can use to find their contact information. The public profile link can be found in the top, left corner of the online gallery if one is available (not all hosts have a public profile).

    2. If the online gallery is not public: you will only be able to view the picture that was sent to you by your friend or family member.

      Simple Booth cannot help directly when an online gallery is private (the privacy level is set by the event organizer rather than our team so we cannot interfere with it). Contact the event organizer or booth provider to see if they are willing to temporarily change the privacy level or send you a direct link to your own picture.

  3. If you cannot obtain a link from a friend, try signing up for our free iPhone app. It includes a feature for discovering nearby public Galleries, so if you attended an event with a Public Gallery, you should be able to find it there.

    If you cannot locate your picture via the iPhone app, the Gallery from your event may be private.

    Download our iPhone app here.

  4. If you cannot find the gallery through our iPhone app or the public gallery does not have a profile linked, reach out to our team with as much of the following information as possible: venue or location name, event name, sponsor name (if applicable), and hashtags from the event. Please also share the contact information you’d entered when using the booth.

I Received My Link And Am Still Having Trouble

My Photo Has Been Removed

The host of your event may moderate their own gallery and remove inappropriate photos. Simple Booth employees may also on occasion remove photos found to violate our Terms of Service when they are brought to our attention.

We cannot recover deleted photos. If the gallery is public, you'll still be able to view the rest of the pictures from the event.

My Link Brings Me To A Blank Page

Simple Booth galleries require JavaScript to work properly. If you can't get your picture to load or if the page looks blank, try copying the link and opening it in a different browser. If a different browser won't work then you may need to try a different device, like a computer.

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