This article describes customization options for in-person events with our HALO or Classic apps. Learn more about Virtual Booth customization options here.

While there’s a whole lot more you can customize on Simple Booth's platform, most people are excited to dive into customizing the photo layouts--after all, it’s what your event participants will share and bring home! 

Update these settings in the design panel in your app, or HALO customers can use the design panel from your preset settings online.

Default Settings

Please note that the design panel selections customize the booth's default settings. When guests approach the booth, they will initially take their picture(s) with these settings. 

If you choose, you can allow guests to edit the photos by enabling tools within your photo editing panel.

Classic app customizations


Choose from 9 picture layouts, including classic photo strips and motion-based layouts.

We make two GIF features: GIF and Live GIF. The GIF allows you to select between 2-6 frames and you’re able to choose how quickly the frames will play. When using a GIF, the countdown seconds that you select will reset before each new frame is taken. 

The Live GIF always has 6 frames and always plays at the fastest setting. The countdown seconds will only appear before the very first frame--the result is that it looks a bit more like a short video than the standard GIF.

HALO supports an additional motion layout called Rebound, learn more below.


Choose from 19 filter effects to apply to the photos.


Choose between a square or circle crop, or leave your photos in portrait or landscape mode. Simply rotate the iPad to switch between screen orientations! 

Margins & Corners

Use the margins and corner sliders to select margin thickness and how rounded the corners are. 


Classic supports adding a logo to your layout to make the photos your own.

The logo can be placed above, to the side, or below your layout.

Margins Background Color

Update the color that fills in the margins with a color wheel. 

HALO app customizations

Our HALO app will include access to all of the features that are available on Classic, and more!


In addition to all of the layouts available in Classic, HALO supports a Rebound layout that is similar to Instagram's Boomerang.

Overlays & Backgrounds

Customize layouts to a greater extent by introducing overlay or margin background graphics. Overlays, backgrounds, and logos can all be used together to create a unique photo.

The overlay will appear by default when event participants are taking their photo, which helps people to avoid being "covered" by your overlay graphics. This option can always be disabled from your design panel if you prefer.

Frame Rotation

Frame rotation is only available on HALO Pro plans.

Change the orientation of the frames of your pictures, which can create an anti-gravity effect.

Chroma Key

More commonly referred to as green screen, our chroma key settings are in their own dedicated panel within your settings. Higher tier HALO plans support more backgrounds per event, learn more here!

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