Our online Galleries make for a fun collection of the photos from your event. Galleries allow your guests to share quickly and easily to social media and save a copy of their photo to their phones after they leave the photo booth, giving more guests the opportunity to take pictures.

Privacy is important to our team, and we believe control over the images taken at an event should be shared between guests and event hosts. In order to give you more control over photos taken at your events,
we are introducing some new privacy options. 

HALO and Event Edition will both have access to the following Gallery settings: 

Public Galleries

All pictures in public Gallery pages can be viewed by any guests who took a picture at the event. When a picture in a public Gallery is posted to Facebook or Twitter, that individual's friends can access your Gallery page as well. 

Unlisted Galleries

When a Gallery page is set to unlisted, guests who take pictures at your event will only have access to their own photo. When these pictures are posted to Facebook or Twitter, friends of your guest will not have access to your Gallery page.

As the owner of the photo booth, you can access a link to the full Gallery page and can decide whether or not you want to share that URL for each of your events. Anyone will be able to access your Gallery once the link to the main Gallery page is shared.

Private Galleries

Private Galleries are somewhat similar to unlisted Galleries. Guests at an event will only have access to their own photos, and that privacy is maintained when those pictures are posted to social media.

When a private setting is selected, the full Gallery page can only be accessed by the owner of the photo booth when you are logged into your account.

For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy

How to change privacy settings

In app

Visit your Galleries panel at the top of your settings and tap the edit button, where you're able to edit the privacy level among other things. 


HALO customers can adjust privacy levels from the sharing section of your Galleries page online. 

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