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Classic App Download Options
Classic App Download Options

Save photos taken with the Classic app to your iPad.

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There are a couple options to save the pictures taken on your account.

Where Photos Save

Classic app pictures can be saved directly to your iPad's Camera Roll.

Each saving method must be enabled before your event for pictures to save properly.

Layout Types

Finished Layouts

The finished layouts as they appear in your online gallery. This will include your logo, a filter (if you or the participant used one), and any other customizations made during the photo booth session.

Individual Images

The individual frames of your layout, without any added effects like filters or your graphics.

For example, if you're using a 1x3 photo strip, saving individual images would result in each of the 3 pictures being saved separately.

Camera Roll Downloads

Most people ultimately want to transfer the pictures to a computer. Learn more here!

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