Classic App Participant Editing Tools

Allow participants to make their own customizations

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Participants will have the opportunity to make a few choices about the appearance of their pictures after capturing their pictures, depending on your settings.

All customizations can be made from your preset settings Photo Editing panel.

Enabling Editing Tools

These tools can be enabled from your Photo Editing panel.

Tap "Manage Tools," then drag or tap each card to activate or deactivate different tools. Tools under the “available tools” column will be available to participants

Drag & drop the tools to reorder them.


The following edit tools are available in the Classic app.


Allow participants to change the crop type on their picture(s).

The crop tool cannot be configured.

GIF Speed

If the participant uses the GIF layout, this tool allows them to adjust the playback speed to be slower or faster.

The GIF speed tool cannot be configured.


Allow participant to shuffle the frames of their layout around.

The rearrange tool cannot be configured.


Props rely on face detection to automatically size and place digital props on the pictures. We have a library of free props to pick from.

This tool will be disabled if the software does not detect a face in the frame.

Configuring Props

First, enable props from the Photo Editing panel.

Once enabled, you will see a new Prop panel (below the Photo Editing panel), which allows you to browse our prop packs. Tapping into a pack will open a preview of all the props belonging to that pack, they will all be pre-selected by default. You can disable any props you don't want to include before saving.

Margin Color

Allow participants to readjust the color of their picture's margins.

This tool will be disabled if margins are not present on your layout.


Participants can choose between different layout types when enabled.

This tool will be limited based on the number of frames initially captured (for example, we cannot create a 1x3 photo strip if the participant took a single photo).


Photo filters will make pictures warmer, cooler, or black & white.


  • Consider limiting to 1-3 tools per event. Too many choices can overwhelm participants, resulting in longer session times.

  • Incompatible edit tools will be automatically disabled. Find more information about restrictions for each tool above.

  • Practice caution when using the crop or layout edit tool together with custom graphics; the logo or overlay you designed for your default layout may not translate well to all of the options available in your settings. Be sure to test!

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