Do you offer rentals?

Options For Renting HALO

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We are not offering rentals for one-time event needs at this time. Find some alternative recommendations here!


Check out our DIY guide! The hardware we link to will cost about $150, and you can use any of our software plans ($29-$249 for a single month, depending on which tier plan you use).

Find A Local Rental

You may be able to find a local photo booth service that uses Simple Booth products. Local companies don't always disclose the software they use on their websites, so you may have to inquire with their team!

Purchase A Booth

If your event or activation is going to last longer than a day, or if you plan to use the photo booth periodically throughout the year, purchasing your own Event Kit is almost always more affordable than repeat rentals.

The software is subscription based, but you can cancel unneeded renewals anytime.

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