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Can I Share My Settings And App Access With Somebody Else?
Can I Share My Settings And App Access With Somebody Else?
How to share account access and booth settings with a friend or colleague.
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In certain circumstances you may need to share your booth settings with somebody else.

One common scenario occurs when you want to customize the settings for your booth, but a colleague or client will be the one actually setting up the photo booth at your event or activation. They can use your booth settings but will not have access to things like your billing or the other events saved to your account.

Sharing App Access

A license is necessary in order to access the HALO app. If the person you want to share with doesn't already have their own license, you'll need to share one with them!

  1. Confirm the person you are sharing with already has an account (if not, you'll need to sign up before moving on to step 2).

  2. Visit your licenses page while signed into your account.

  3. Check the box next to the license you are sharing

  4. Choose "Assign" for the action

  5. Enter in the new email address

  6. Press Go. The license will be active immediately for the new account's use.

Revoking App Access

When you are ready to bring your license back to your own account, follow these steps.

  1. Visit your licenses page

  2. Check the box next to the license you are taking back

  3. Choose "Unassign" for the action

  4. Press Go. The license will be back on your account and can be used immediately.

Sharing App Settings

Once your intended recipient has their own license, you have two options.

  1. Allow them to set up their own preset & gallery. This is not recommended if the recipient is not already familiar with Simple Booth!

  2. Customize a preset & gallery from your own account, then share those settings with your recipient.

Sharing A Preset For The HALO App

  1. Visit your presets page and open the specific preset you plan to share.

  2. Click the share button in the top right corner.

  3. Enter the recipient's email address, then click "share."

  4. Once the recipient has been added to your preset, you can choose whether to grant them edit access.

When granting edit access, we recommend sharing any graphics you have added to the settings with the recipient. If they accidentally remove any of the assets from the settings (either intentionally or by accident) this will allow them to add it back.

Need To Share Virtual Booth Access?

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