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Step 3 - Virtual Booth: Create A Preset For In-Browser Use
Step 3 - Virtual Booth: Create A Preset For In-Browser Use

Customize your browser-based booth. Great for remote events & activations, or in-person use through participants' own phones

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Virtual Booth is available on the Plus, Pro, & Select Plans.

The preset page allows you to control the booth settings and picture customizations. If you’re not yet familiar with the booth’s “flow,” it can be helpful to take a look at the participant experience first.

Settings are separated into different panels on your preset page as described below. Get more detailed information about each panel at the links beneath the headers.

General Settings

Participant Access

This section includes a tool to open and close the booth so that you can shut off access when you are ready.

You'll also find your share URL and QR code in this top panel. Distribute either via email or by posting online, or print the QR code to display on physical signage.

Participant Data

Available on Pro & Select plans

Collect email address, phone number, first name, and last name from participants. Participants will be prompted to enter this information before they can capture or upload a picture.

Age Gate

Available on Select plan

Ensure participants are of a certain age before using your booth. You customize the prompt participants see as well as the minimum age.


Participants will land on your splash page after opening your link or scanning your QR code. This branding section allows you to customize the appearance of the splash page.

Header & Footer

Add a header image and welcome participants to the booth.

Enable or disable a, "Powered by Simple Booth" message from your splash page.

Splash Page Background

The splash page supports some other adjustments as well.

Choose from a color wheel to add a solid or gradient background, or upload your own file to make a more custom homepage.

Picture Customizations

Virtual Booth currently supports one layout type, a 1x1 image with a square crop.


Upload multiple overlays, which participants can place on top of their images.

Background Replacement

Magically remove the background from participant photos (no green screen required!).

Use multiple backgrounds and set replacement to either optional or required. When the background is required, Virtual Booth will "force" replacement.

Background replacement consumes additional credits.


Participants can add custom stickers to their pictures when this feature is enabled. The stickers can be manually placed and re-sized.

Next Step: Customize Your Gallery

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