Many of us are slowly but surely returning to in-person events, and that means we're breaking out our HALO and Classic apps for the first time in a while.

It's relatively common to experience a crash under these circumstances. If you haven't updated your app in a couple of months or longer, you are more likely to run into a glitch after updating to the most recent app version.

Try steps 1-3 first, but the most reliable way to resolve a crash is to delete your app & reinstall it, as detailed in step 4. If you are already at the venue, make sure your WiFi connection is strong enough to reinstall the app after you delete it.

Will I lose data or settings if I delete the app?

Your preset and gallery settings are saved to your Simple Booth account, so as soon as you reinstall the app and sign in, all of your event settings will load.

Queued photos, texts, and emails will be lost if you delete the app. If possible, try to clear your queue before deleting the app.

If the crash is occurring before the queue has an opportunity to clear out, sometimes the best option is still to delete & reinstall the software in order to use the app for the duration of the event.

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