Simple Booth requires an AirPrint connection to print. If you have a printer that is not AirPrint compatible, you can still use it with our app but it takes an extra step!

AirPrint over a WiFi network is the only way to print from our apps since iPads cannot be plugged into a printer with a USB cord or connect over bluetooth.

AirPrint Compatible Printers

Plenty of printers are built to be AirPrint compatible out-of-the-box, and Apple lists these on their website. These printers don't require any kind of special setup to work with an iPad or our apps.

Some printers advertise that they have wireless capabilities but that does not mean they necessarily work over AirPrint, so it is a good idea to double-check this page

Non-AirPrint Compatible Printers

If your preferred printer is not on that list, or if you need to use a non-AirPrint printer such as a dye-sublimation printer (which we recommend when using the booth in a professional capacity), there are ways to make it AirPrint compatible using a print server application. 

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