Simple Booth apps do not have a mechanism to post photos directly to your Facebook page in real-time. You never know when a guest might take an inappropriate photo, so moderating the pictures, whether through our built in tool or by manually reviewing them before posting them is always a great idea.

The Facebook sharing icon that appears next to guests' individual pictures allows for sharing to personal pages and is what guests expect when they see a Facebook share option. 

How to post to your business page

If you would like to share the photos to your Facebook page, our Galleries have a great feature that allow you to post a link directly. Just click the link in the upper right hand corner of your page.

You can also download the images from our site or your iPad and upload some favorites or all of the images from the evening. 

This allows you to moderate what photos are being shared and release all the photos at once with a single post that will attract more attention.

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