Guests can easily save and share their images from your online gallery for both virtual and in-person events!

If you're not already familiar, this article details how guests will receive their picture links. For Virtual Booth, since participants are already on their own device they will be redirected to a sharing page after uploading their photo.

Social Sharing from Simple Booth for iPhone

Guests can post to social media from your Gallery directly from our free iPhone app, and this will be the easiest way to share and save their picture! When guests at your event have the iPhone app downloaded, they’ll be brought directly to their pictures in your Gallery within the app after receiving their link. 

Guests can also check out the rest of the pictures from the event with our iPhone app as long as your Gallery is public!

Simple Booth for iPhone is not required for guests, and if they don't already have the app downloaded they will automatically be directed to your gallery in a browser instead

The online Gallery pages include the same social sharing options that are available in the iPhone app. 

Facebook & Twitter

Sharing to Facebook and Twitter is straightforward, once the guest taps the icon for the platform they want to share to, we create a post within the Facebook or Twitter apps for easy sharing as long as your guests have those apps downloaded. 

Note: Facebook restricts our ability to post multiple hashtags. The first hashtag entered into your settings will be the only one to post automatically. Participants still have an opportunity to add their own hashtags. 


Instagram has a unique sharing process for two reasons! The first is that Instagram does not accept certain files types (including GIFs) and aspect ratios, and the second is because third party apps are not able to upload directly to Instagram’s platform. 

*Note: When guests use the Instagram sharing option, the file is converted and re-shared with the recipient with instructions about how to post using your hashtags. 

An in-app Instagram sharing option is available on the HALO Standard and Pro plans (US only) so that guests can receive an Instagram-ready file more directly. 

The final option to share pictures is via a link. The link option on the page copies a link to the guest's picture to their phone or computer's clipboard, which they can then paste into a text message or email in order to re-share with friends and family outside of social media. 

Saving Images

The easiest way for guests to save memories will be directly from our iPhone app if your guests have iPhone. 

They should also be able to save the photos/GIFs/mp4 files that Simple Booth sends out to an iPhone by using the long-press when you initially open the file (rather than a short tap). 

If guests are using an Android, there may be a couple of different ways to save images depending on the model, but most of them support a similar long-press action.

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