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How do I delete a photo from the Gallery?
How do I delete a photo from the Gallery?
How to make pictures private or fully delete them from your page
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You have a couple of options when it comes to removing a picture from your online gallery. 

Make sure that you're logged into your account before trying to delete photos from your events.

On Simple Booth Classic (formerly Event Edition), your Galleries can be accessed from your dashboard. On HALO, your Galleries can be accessed from the Galleries page. 

Deleting & Making Pictures Private

These actions cannot be undone, so proceed with caution.

Making a Picture Private

There may be certain circumstances where you would like to remove a photo from the gallery view but still leave it available for the guest(s) who took it to access.

This is a great option if the picture is not necessarily offensive to the person or group who took it, but may still be an image that other guests wouldn't want to see.

Deleting a Picture

Deleting pictures will completely remove them from your gallery and if your guest has access to the link, they will no longer be able to see their picture.

This is a better option if the picture is inappropriate or might be embarrassing to the people in the picture.


  1. Click the title of the gallery you want to edit from your gallery list

  2. Use the link in the “Latest Uploads” section (at the very top) to view your gallery

  3. Hover over the picture and select the “…” icon, which includes the two options. Pick your action and confirm your selection in order to take action.

Looking to have a picture you took at an event removed?

Please get in touch with the host of the event directly or with our team via the chat window below.

In order to delete photo(s), we will need the link(s) you received

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