When a "photo strip" layout is in use (this includes 1x3, and 1x4 strips), Simple Booth apps will automatically arrange two vertical photo strips on a sheet if there is room. 

Formatting two strips

Adjusting the layout in certain ways can be really helpful (or in certain circumstances, might be necessary) in order for the software to duplicate the strips for you.

Logos can always be swapped with overlays in the HALO app depending on how you need to modify things.

No matter what, our Force Fit tool can always help you make any combination of settings look better on the final print.

1x3 Strips

  • Use square crop. Portrait oriented layouts will be too "tall" and landscape oriented is often too wide, particularly if you are not using a logo.

  • Place a logo on the strip when in landscape mode (and avoid logos when in portrait mode). This helps make the overall layout taller to accommodate the wider picture frames sitting side-by-side.

1x4 Strips

  • Use landscape mode or a square crop. 1x4 is not compatible with the portrait orientation because the overall layout grows to be too "tall"

  • Avoid using a logo. Logos often cause the layout to be too tall, even with landscape orientation.

Cutting Strips

Some printers will automatically cut your strips in half. If your printer does not include this feature, just a simple paper cutter do to the job.

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