In this article we'll explain how to collect and manage information you receive from guests.

Your app does not collect data from your guests unless the data capture feature is enabled. 

It is your responsibility to communicate how you plan to use guest information with your guests, which is something we make easy to accomplish! 

Data Capture for Virtual Booth

Virtual Booth currently supports email capture on HALO Standard and Pro plans. Learn more about setting up for Virtual Booth here.

Data Capture for in-person events

Data capture can be enabled for the HALO app from your preset settings.

Standard fields* can also be enabled in-app, while Pro tier (or custom) fields must be enabled from your account online. 

*Standard includes an opt-in checkbox, which is considered a Pro tier field and must be enabled and edited online.

Standard Data Capture Features

Standard data capture fields include email address, first name, last name, phone number, zip code and date of birth. You can also set the title and a paragraph of text for legal or disclaimer purposes.

Getting Guests to Opt-In

Standard tier customers are allowed one custom data capture field in order to ask guests to opt-in. Enabling the "checkbox" will result in guests being asked a custom question (one that you write) about how their data will be used. 

Guests will be able to decide whether or not to tick the box in order to opt in. 

Pro Data Capture Features

Pro subscribers can enter custom data capture fields, including the following:

  • Text fields allow guests to type in an answer to a question. 

  • Checkboxes allow guests to check a box (or not) in response to a question. 

  • Required checkboxes must be checked by the guest in order for them to submit their data for your use. If a guest chooses not to check this box, you will not capture their information.  

  • Required legal terms allows you to add in a more extensive Terms of Service or Privacy policy. When guests submit their information, they will see that they are agreeing to your TOS/PP and can read it if they would like. 

Setting Data Capture to Optional

Allow guests to opt out of data capture by enabling a couple send options in addition to the data capture fields you want to collect.

When enabled, these send options will appear less prominently below a larger "add recipient" button that will take guests through your data capture form.

Setting Data Capture to Required

Data capture can be set to required by disabling all send options. They'll automatically receive a text or email with a link to their photo by filling out your data capture form. 

Age Gate

The age gate tool is available on HALO Pro.

In addition to data capture, we support custom age gates to allow you to prompt guests to ensure they are a certain age before using the app.

When enabled, guests will be asked to enter their birthdate before being able to use the booth.

Where do I access my analytics and data? 

All the data capture becomes available in CSV format on your account at after the event.

Data Capture Integrations

Our MailChimp integration will automatically send the information you collect directly to your MailChimp account. 

The integration can be configured at the bottom of the data capture panel on your preset page. 

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