Adjusting the camera's exposure is typically necessary in order to get great looking pictures. 

Unless you lock exposure (more on that below), the exposure setting adjusts the iPad's auto-exposure. This means the exposure will still increase or decrease overall based on the other lighting conditions at the event.

You will adjust the exposure after the booth is launched so that you can easily make changes to it during the event if necessary.

If the the lighting at the venue will change in any way during the event (for example, if the event is going from day to night), we recommend checking on these settings throughout the event to make sure all the pictures are well lit.

It is easy to monitor the gallery from your phone so you don't have to be near the booth to keep an eye on things! 

Adjusting Exposure

  1. On the Tap to Start Screen, tap and hold for two seconds with two fingers to bring up the Booth Status page.

  2. Press the button highlighted below to pull up the adjustment options. You can toggle between white balance and exposure from this page.

Locking Exposure

Tap the lock above the exposure slider so that the lock is closed.

We only recommend locking exposure in circumstances where the lighting will be very constant. Locking the exposure when the environmental lighting might change can result in poor quality pictures. Avoid using the lock tool whenever the booth is set up outside or even near a window. 

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