Simple Booth apps must be activated by a license: without a license, you won't be able to sign into the app. 

Licenses can be purchased from the subscription page after you sign into your account. You might need to use a different account from time-to-time, and can give another account temporary access to your booth by "assigning" your license to them. 

Simple Booth Classic

Simple Booth Classic (formerly Event Edition) is purchased directly from that App Store and that means the purchase is associated with your Apple ID. We are not able to transfer these purchases because this version is purchased directly from Apple.

You can use the app on any device that is logged in with the Apple ID account that you originally used to purchase Simple Booth Classic. 

Assigning Licenses

Assigning a license is a handy way to share your account while retaining ownership of the license. 

When the license is assigned to another account, that account holder will be able to activate your license on their device. You can un-assign this at any time by assigning it back to yourself or to another user, and should be careful to only do so when the other user is not currently using the license. By default, a newly purchased license is assigned to your own account.

If you are part of a team, it can be helpful to keep billing and licenses on a single account, then assign licenses and presets to other members of your team. If and when staffing changes come up, the licenses can remain on the original account. 

Assign a HALO License

Share your license with another account. 

  1. Make sure the account you want to share with exists. If not, you'll need to sign up before moving on to step 2. 
  2. Log into your original account and visit the licenses tab
  3. Check the box next to the license you are sharing
  4. Choose "Assign" for the action
  5. Enter in the new email address
  6. Press Go. The license will be active immediately for the new account's use. 

Unassign a HALO License

Bring your license back to your own account. 

  1. Log into the account that you're being billed on and visit the licenses tab
  2. Check the box next to the license you are sharing
  3. Choose "Unassign" for the action
  4. Press Go. The license will be back on your account and can be used immediately. 

A note about transferring licenses: transferring licenses is not available for HALO subscribers because every license is attached to a recurring subscription. If you need to transfer a HALO app license, you should cancel the current subscription and sign up for a new one on the new account. Reach out to our support team if you need assistance with this.

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