Troubleshooting Your Computer's Camera

Overcoming common problems

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Most browsers will automatically ask whether or not you would like to grant us permission to your camera, so this should be easy!

If you end up having trouble, most problems can be resolved from your computer and/or browser settings.

Switch devices

In certain circumstances, simply using a different device is easiest. When you open the booth for the first time, you'll see an option to switch devices by scanning a QR code.

Computer Support


Camera settings and permissions can be found in the Privacy & Security section of your System Preferences.

See the "give apps permission" section in this article for further detail on enabling camera permissions for your browser.


Camera settings and permissions can be found in the privacy section of your start menu.

See how to enable camera access on your device and for specific apps in Microsoft's help center.

Browser Support


Chrome's camera settings can be found here. Be sure that the setting "ask before accessing" is enabled, as seen below.

Troubleshooting help, including how to allow a site that you accidentally blocked can be found here.

Lags On Chrome

If you're experiencing other problems on Chrome, like laggy responsiveness, find and disable your hardware acceleration setting, which can be found in Chrome settings under Advanced > System.


Follow the steps at the top of this help page to locate Safari's website's settings.

Be sure that "ask" or "allow" is selected for Simple Booth websites, as well as when visiting other websites.

Note that the website must be open in order for it to appear in this list, unless you've already granted permission.


Open your privacy preferences and open the camera settings from within the permissions section.

Ensure that you are not blocking new camera requests, as seen above. Simple Booth's status must be set to "allow".

Learn more about updating Firefox camera permissions here.


Open your Edge settings from the top right corner of your browser. Visit the advanced section, where you can manage your website permissions.

After clicking, "manage permissions," find and be sure the webcam settings are toggled "on."

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