Simple Booth Classic

Simple Booth Classic (formerly Event Edition) licenses are managed through your Apple ID and can be used on different devices at the same time.

HALO app

If you're not familiar, take a minute to learn how licenses work with the HALO app including how many devices can be activated at a time. 

Unlinking Licenses

You can easily switch a license from one device to another by "unlinking" it from the current device and then "activating" it on a new device.

  1. Visit your licenses page at

  2. Check the box next to the license you would like to use on a different device.

  3. Choose "Unlink Device" from the dropdown menu and press go. Your license will immediately become available to use on a new device.

  4. Open the app on your new iPad and log into your user account. The available license will be automatically assigned to your new device.

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