Adjusting the camera's white balance can help in achieving a great looking picture. 

White balance is a little more complex than exposure -- it basically makes your photos look more naturally lit by adjusting the color "temperature" so that subjects don't look too yellow or blue. You can read more about white balance and how it works here if you're interested!

Do I really need to adjust this setting? 


Most people will want to allow the app to automatically adjust their white balance. Our software can do all the work for you, and unless you have unique lighting circumstances or know a lot about photography and lighting, stick to the automatic mode.

Where to adjust white balance

We make it easy to adjust the white balance after the booth is launched so that you can easily make changes to it during the event. 

In order to manually change the white balance, enable the "manual" button and then adjust the slider tool until you achieve desired results. 

When the manual button is enabled, the camera will not automatically adjust your white balance and it will stay locked. 

Simple Booth Classic & HALO 2

  1. On the Tap to Start Screen, tap and hold for two seconds with two fingers to bring up the Booth Status page.

  2. Press the button highlighted below to pull up the white balance adjustments.

Event Edition & HALO 1

Event Edition & HALO 1 do not support white balance adjustments. 

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