Simple Booth recently introduced our biggest app update yet! We have been working on these updates for the better part of the last year and because we’re making such major changes, we wanted to give our existing customers the ability to transition to the new version at your own pace. 

That means that for the time being, “HALO” and “HALO 2” will both be available in the App Store.

Here are some things to keep in mind: 

  • You’ll access both apps with the same login credentials you have always used. If you are switching back and forth between HALO and HALO 2, you’ll just need to transfer your license back and forth between the two versions, which the apps will automatically prompt you to do. 
  • You can have both apps downloaded to the same device(s) at the same time. 
  • Any new features you see in your online settings are only going to work on HALO 2 and won’t be supported by the original HALO app. 

How to use new features

  • Props: Pre-made prop packs are available in the props panel in your app. Standard and Pro tier customers can create custom props by following these instructions
  • Themes: browse a library of themes to use during your event! Enabling a theme adds a start screen and overlay for your event. You can add your own logos, overlays, etc. in addition to the themes. 
  • Edit Tool Configurations: edit screen tools can now be customized to a much greater extent! Learn how to tailor the edit screen to your needs in our help center. For the time being, edit tool configurations are only in-app. 
  • New Data Capture Process: we've simplified data capture, added an age gate feature, and made some changes to allow you to make opting-in optional or required. 
  • Print Graphics: Achieve full bleed prints with your backgrounds and overlays with our new print graphics.  
  • Booth Status: Access your queue, exposure, and other settings by tapping and holding on the tap to start screen for two seconds with two fingers instead of one! 

Please feel free to use the chat window in the corner to ask questions or provide feedback. 

We hope you enjoy the updates! 

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