How does brand moderation work?
Choose which pictures will upload to your Gallery
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Brand moderation is available on the pro plan.

Moderating your Galleries allows you to pick and choose which photos end up being uploaded. 

You know that there is always a chance that one or two guests at your events will make an inappropriate gesture (or worse!) at your booth. If you or your client are concerned about privacy or inappropriate photos, our brand moderation tool allows the photos to be approved before being uploaded.

Using Gallery moderation

Gallery moderation must be enabled for each specific Gallery you want to moderate. Enable moderation and access your moderation queue from your Galleries page

In the moderation queue, you’ll have the choice to approve or delete any photos taken during the event before they’re uploaded to your gallery or sent out to your guests. Please know that if you delete a photo from your moderation, the guests in the photo won’t receive their link.

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