If you're planning a virtual event, check out our help center section on Virtual Booth for help getting started!

For in person events, follow these steps to get set up:

  1. Decide which app is the best fit!

  2. Download the app. Keep in mind we make a few versions, so be sure to download the right one!

  3. Sign up for an account if you still need, and sign into your account. 

  4. Start customizing for your event! 

1. Decide which app is the best fit

Simple Booth makes a few versions of our software -- check out this article if you still need help choosing!

2. Download your app


Classic is purchased via the App Store, so once you make your purchase that app will automatically download to your device. 


HALO can be purchased in the App Store, but if you decide to pay through our website instead, you will need to make sure you download the HALO app from the App Store to properly activate your purchase. 

3. Sign Up and Sign In

You may have already created an account with us (and will be prompted to do so if you made an in-app purchase), but if you don't already have one please take a minute to sign up

4. Customize your event

Once you are signed up and signed in, you are ready to start customizing! Settings for Simple Booth Classic can be customized in-app, and Simple Booth Plans can be customized in-app or from your account online. 

Need help customizing the settings? 

Our help center has great resources about designing for the app and information about how guests share their pictures with themselves.

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